Collateral Acceptance Criteria - Equity

To streamline the rules governing the acceptance of equities, stock units, ETFs and ADRs as collateral, the Clearinghouse adopts some eligibility criteria whose focus is on evaluated securities as per section 6.1 of the Risk Management Manual.


Deposit Limit Method

To streamline the criteria set for the acceptance of equities, stock units, ETFs and ADRs as collateral and, therefore, reduce the liquidity risk, the Clearinghouse adopts some deposit limits for those securities, as per section 6.3.4 of the Risk Management Manual with a focus on the duration of the application of the rules and the accreditation timeframe for all participants.

These limits will be reviewed from time to time to reflect the market conditions in effect and future improvements in the collateral management process.

The Clearinghouse may, at its sole discretion, change limits and discounts.

The Risk Management Manual is available at:

Regulations and Manuals - Clearing Settlement and Risk Management

Limits for acceptance

B3 establishes limits for the acceptance of determined securities as collateral. At its exclusive discretion, B3 may change the prevailing limits as well as define new limits.