About UP2DATA | B3

Smart decision-making requires access to an accurate and up-to-date database. With UP2DATA, you’ll get end of day trade data from different markets simply and efficiently.

Data is transmitted through software and is available according to the closing of each market, with monitored delivery.

With UP2DATA you can optimize:

  • Mark-to-market processes and routines;
  • Risk analysis and management;
  • Pricing of portfolio instruments and fund shares, and much more.


Key Differentials

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    Streamlined Data Extraction

    Extract all the data you need from a single source.

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    Customize your databases with the data you need and in various formats like TXT, CVS, JSON, XML, etc.

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    Quick Data Access

    Access to end of day trade data and data history in a quick and timely manner.

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    Choose from 11 different data packages and get them in a standardized way, according to your needs.

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    Expert Support

    Our specialist UP2DATA team will provides all the support you need.


Available Data

  • Regulatory Data

    Included in the license:

    The files in this channel are provided exclusively in CSV format and customization is not possible, whether creating, altering, changing or adding new data or columns in the file.


    The following files are available:

    • Instrument list;
    • Consolidated trades;
    • Consolidated Trades – After Market;
    • Securities lending open positions;
    • Derivatives open positions; and
    • Securities lending summary.


    The following files are available:

    • Instrument list; and
    • Consolidated trades.
  • Interest Rates

    Specialized data

    • Market channels
    • Unit channels

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