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UP2DATA Commercial Policy and Agreement

Hiring and accessing UP2DATA is very simple, it takes just three steps to access our platform:

  • Step 1:

  • Learn more about the product, access the commercial policy and samples available for download, then contact our team to request a commercial presentation.


    +55 11 2565-7908

  • Step 2:

  • Fill in the contract compatible with your needs, paying attention to its rules, gaps and annexes. Send it to our hiring team ( start the documentation validation process and, later, signature.


    +55 11 2565-5080

  • Step 3:

  • After signing the contract, the access kit will be sent with the necessary information for you to install and access UP2DATA. In this tab there are manuals to help you with access to the product and in case of doubt our team is ready to help you.


    +55 11 2391-2776

  • Filling the UP2DATA Master Contract

    The UP2DATA contract is intended for companies that need to directly access the service and/or distribute their information, either through direct or indirect access. The following are more details regarding the completion of the annexes:

    • Annex I: Contact of the institution's representatives
    • Annex II: Choice of contracted channels for internal use, number of keys and means of access (Cloud or Software/Client)
    • Annex III: Required only for institutions wishing to distribute UP2DATA Data
    • Annex IV: Required only to redistributors, who need to inform the registration data of the "Carrier" (Distributors who make the data available to you)
    • Annex V: Required only for institutions that have an economic group. This annex allows the UP2DATA contractor to authorize the other companies of the economic group to access the contracted services
    • Annex VI: Attachment for processing personal data intended for data distributors and redistributors

    It is important to mention that upon signing the UP2DATA MASTER AGREEMENT, the UP2DATA contracting party through DIRECT ACCESS with B3 has 2 keys to the service, which can be Software/Client or Cloud, for companies included in the contract, including companies your economic group.

    If you already have the service contracted and want to modify the contracted channels, Annexes II and III can be updated, that is, just fill in all the channels you want to maintain access or distribution and with the new channels or type of distribution desired. and request your update to our hiring team, whose contacts are below.

    For more information about the Agreement, contact our team by e-mail or by phone +55 11 2565-5080.

  • Documents required for eletronic signature

    For contracting purposes we kindly ask that:

    • Check that all required information in the contract is completed. If the contract is bi-columned, the part in Portuguese must always be filled in and the part in English is optional.
    • When sending the contract and its attachments to insert a scanned copy of one of these social documents (Agreement/Bylaws, Election Minutes or Power of Attorney) to the e-mail, which grants powers to the signatory of the contract.
    • Inform the full name, CPF and e-mail of the legal representatives and witness (optional) who will sign the contract and if there will be a witness.
    • Inform if the representatives have E-CPF.

    The contracting area will be able to assist you in relation to these documents and the digital signature process. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or by phone +55 11 2565-5080.

  • UP2DATA Monthly Distribution Reporting Manual

    DISTRIBUTORS, REDISTRIBUTORS and MEDIA COMPANIES of the categories Display with access control, Non display through revenue share and Non Display with transfer of charging of UP2DATA Commercial Policy must report the clients to whom they have transmitted the UP2DATA’S DATA as prescribed in the manual below:

    Monthly Report Manual

    If you have questions about the Monthly Report process, the Report specifications, or face problems generating or sending the file, as well as cannot access the system, contact the Hiring team by e-mail or by phone +55 11 2565-5080 - Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm (BRT).

  • Access manuals to UP2DATA Client and Cloud

    In the Client version, the files can be accessed through a directory on the contracting party's network, so there must be a software installation to access the service. The information necessary for installation will be sent after signing the UP2DATA Master Agreement, in which the environment key will be sent, which will allow access to the files hired by the service after installing the software. The following is the installation and access manual for the UP2DATA Client:

    In the Cloud version, files can be accessed in the cloud through a cloud reader, so a tool must be installed to call the UP2DATA API and a tool for cloud reading to download the files. The information required for installation will be sent after signing the UP2DATA Master Agreement, such as the UP2DATA Cloud access kit (txt file with the Client ID, Client Secret and Client Certificate Password) and the access certificate to the service (pfx file), which will be needed to generate the SAS keys. The following is the manual for accessing the UP2DATA Cloud:

    If you have any questions about the installation, key generation or access to UP2DATA, contact our team by email or by phone +55 2391-2776.

  • Previous Commercial Policy Documents (Consultation only)

    The documents available in the zip below were made available for consultation, and, as of 10/20/2022, new contracts for the UP2DATA product must follow the rules published in the Official Letter with the new UP2DATA Commercial Policy and Contract.


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