Trading Commodities - CMN 2.687/2000 | B3

Trading Commodities - CMN 2.687/2000

Choose a Broker

Non-resident investors should first choose one of the authorized Brokerage Houses and supply the documents required.

Fill out the forms

Intermediation Agreement for Non-resident Customers´Operations on the Cash and Future Delivery Markets (Brokerage House responsibility before B3).

This instrument describes the obligations and rights of customers and their brokers, the regulation and operational aspects with regard to the settlement of transactions and the risks involved. After reading the terms and conditions of the agreement, customers must sign an “Adhesion Contract Form” and forward it to their Brokerage House in Brazil.

The entire registration process is carried out through the brokerage house chosen by the investors to be their B3 representative. The Adhesion Contract Form contains the investor´s personal and financial data, the order transmission method chosen, and all the information necessary for the Derivatives Clearinghouse to perform the settlement of their transactions.

Register with B3

The brokerage house forwards the customers’ Adhesion Contract Form and a letter of introduction requesting their registration with B3. After analyzing the Adhesion Contract Form, B3 will authorize the Non-resident investor to trade agricultural contracts through the brokerage house chosen.

Note: a simplification of the registration procedure can be used by investors domiciled in jurisdictions whose market regulators have agreements with the CVM, as long as the local custodian in Brazil has agreements with the investor global custodian, and the Brokerage House in Brazil has agreements with investor local broker in its domicile country. Please refer to CVM rule 419 for details on that.