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The B3 electricity platform collects, processes and enables information that enhances transparency, price formation and risk management in the free electricity market. We use the technology and know-how we have at home to create a robust infrastructure that contributes to the sustained development of Brazil’s electricity sector and of the agents that work in physical purchase and sale of electricity.

A safer, more efficient and transparent market increases its attractiveness and the adhesion of new agents, stimulating its liquidity. The first deliveries of the platform go in that direction.


How it works

1. Agents in the free electricity market voluntarily adhere to the B3 trust seal and agree to send all their electricity marketing contracts (purchase and sale) and financial information

2. Based on this information, B3 checks the adherence of each agent's exposure to its risk model for the electricity segment.

3. Each measure provided for in the B3 trust seal for the electricity market -corresponds to a score. A check of adherence to the rules is made and points are awarded according to their compliance. When the total score is obtained, the agent is ranked in one of the B3 trust seal for the electricity market levels: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

4. The seal is public information and serves as a reference for the market. The disclosure of participating companies and their respective seals is done on the registered agents’ page on the B3 electricity platform.

5. The B3 electricity platform will also form and disclose a futures price curve (forward curve) for the different products traded by the market so as to bring greater transparency to trades between its agents.


Key differentials

  • ic-curva-forward.png

    Forward curve

    The forward curve will be available to companies certified with the B3 trust seal for the electricity market.

  • ic-dashboard.png

    Customized dashboards

    Contains the executed trades, the recommended exposure limits and the use/leverage at the time.

  • ic-info-centralizada.png

    Centralized information

    Dashboards, forward curve and price history per vertex in a single place through access to the logged area.

  • ic-eficiencia-gestao.png

    Management efficiency

    Improved risk management to mitigate defaults in the electricity trading sector.


Who it is for

Electricity traders and generators participating in the free electricity market, large consumers that buy electricity in that market and other agents.


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