Services provided | B3

Central safekeeping of fungible and non-fungible assets

This service comprises from the constitution of the centralized deposit of the asset to its transfer, maintenance and withdrawal as per the settlement processes carried out in the B3´s Clearinghouses.

The assets under central safekeeping, whether in physical (but immobilized) form or in dematerialised form (as electronic records), are transferred to the B3´s CSD under the fiduciary ownership arrangement. Therefore, it is guaranteed that:

  • The B3´s CSD have processes to ensure that the assets it holds on behalf of its participants are appropriately accounted for on its books;
  • Any transfer will only be carried out in accordance with the instructions received from its participants;
  • The redemptions will be made to holders or their representatives, subject to the rights and burdens that have been assigned to them during the central safekeeping period.