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Customization of structures for registration

B3’s OTC Derivatives and Structured Notes team advises financial institutions on the feasibility and customization of the registration of more complex and exotic derivative transactions, so that they can be offered to their clients and counterparties.

Work starts off with an analysis of the economic fundamentals of the structure proposed by the institution, understanding whether they meet the standards that govern each product and the B3’s internal regulations. After this assessment, the Products team prepares a spreadsheet with the simulation of the desired structure calculations, with the objective that the Financial Institution validates whether the desired scenarios are being correctly replicated. Once approved the spreadsheet, the Strategy is submitted for evaluation by a group composed of different areas of B3 that analyzes the structure from different angles. If the approval is successful, the Strategy is created in the system under a single code and all information and guidelines for registering the structure in the approved manner are sent to the applicant.

Learn more about the strategy approval flow on the Strategy Approval Flow link.

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