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Interbank Deposit

  • Traded exclusively among financial institutions, the Interbank Deposit (DI) is a private Fixed Income instrument that assists in closing the cash of banks, as an instrument for raising funds or applying surplus resources. The Interbank Deposit can not be sold to other investors and there is no incidence of taxes on profitability. Securities have high liquidity and carry a very low risk, usually associated to the soundness of the banks that participate in the market.

    The negotiations between the banks generate the DI Rate, reference for most of the fixed income securities offered to the investor. It is today the main benchmark of the market. The DI Rate is obtained by calculating the weighted average of the rates of the prefixed, extragroup and one-day transactions carried out on B3 between financial institutions. As the one-day rate is very small, it has been agreed to disclose it on an annual basis. These transactions are closed by electronic means and registered in B3.

    In addition to the traditional DI, B3 registers several types of assets, such as Interbank Deposit linked to Microfinance - DIM, Depósito Interfinanceiro Rural - DIR, and Depósito Interfinanceiro Imobiliário - DII.