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Time Deposit with Special Guarantee

  • The DPGE is a fixed income securities representative of term deposits created to assist financial institutions - commercial, multiple, development, investment banks, as well as credit, financing and investment companies and savings banks - of small and medium size to capture resources. Thus, it grants its holder a right of credit against the issuer.

    Created in April 2009, when the National Monetary Council - CMN issued Resolution no. 3692, is intended for individuals and legal investors. In 2012, the CMN, through Resolution no. 4222, created a new type of asset, known as DPGE II. This version has the differential being eligible to the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC).

    In addition, the deadlines should adjust to the loans that the banks will use as ballast. The other characteristics are the same as the first DPGE modality.

    DPGEs may remunerate pre or post-fixed rates. The redemption period is determined at the time of hiring, but can not be less than 6 months nor more than 36. An important feature is not being able to redeem in advance or partially.