Market maker | B3


Institutions interested in carrying out operations to form market must meet the minimum requirements determined by the B3, in complement to the requirements established in the specific regulation. The market maker may exercise its activity autonomously or, when applicable, be hired:

  1. By the issuer of the securities to which shall act as market maker;
  2. By the issuer’s parent companies, subsidiaries or affiliate companies;
  3. For any asset(s) holders interested in forming a market for referred asset(s);
  4. By a liquidity consortium including more than one of the persons mentioned above.

Each contractor may hire only one market maker for each asset and the minimum clauses of the contract to be established between the parties is available on our website.

For assets traded in the fixed income market, B3 may authorize the presence of more than one market maker for the same asset. For derivatives contracts, B3 shall define the ceiling for market formers, the hiring mode, activity parameters, and other asset-related aspects.

More information and instructions can be found at the guide belw: