NET | B3

Platform for trading bank fundraising and repo operations

Divided into modules and services, this trading platform offers an electronic alternative for financial institutions to carry out trades. Bank funding assets like CDBs - Certificates of Bank Deposits, DPGE – Term Deposit with Special Guarantee and LF - Letras Financeiras, as well as repo operations, are traded. Operations on the secondary market involving public bonds and debentures are carried out on Trader.

Among the various services and modules, the highlights are trading, quotes, auction and the National Treasury Secretary - STN (specifically for public bonds). With the auction module, issuers can hold primary and secondary placements of any asset, whether held in custody at B3 or not. Auctions can be based on rates or a Unit Price (UP) rate, with the number of assets defined in lots or by unit. With this tool, the auction stages can be immediately disclosed and monitored online, with bids placed through the trading desks of financial institutions. Anyone can access the system’s transaction reports.