Security Lending | B3

BTB – Security Lending Eletronic Platform

BTB – Security Lending Eletronic Platform was created with the objective of perfecting the security lending market organized by B3, offering electronic trading services for security lending contracts to Full Trading Participants (PNP), Custodian Agents (ACST) , Settlement Participants (PL) and other previously authorized financial institutions.

B3 offers interested institutions the possibility to access the security lending market through the BTB Terminal graphical interface and Application Programming Interfaces (API). Access via SMP-ISO 20022 messaging remains available to participants authorized by B3 in the PNP, PL and ACST categories.

BTB Terminal

The BTB Terminal developed by B3 offers functionalities that allows the user to consult quotations (Market Data), include and take offers through modules D0 and D1, sending targeted offers and registering business previously carried out as OTC through the Registration module. This last module can be accessed only by participants authorized by B3 in the PNP or PL categories. Managers, foundations, customers and other previously authorized institutions can also access the terminal, with the authorization of their PNP.


Access to the security lending negotiation environment can also be done through APIs. These integrations are available to asset managers, foundations and to service providers (vendors) who wish to develop and provide tools to institutions that want to integrate their systems to B3’s.


  • The BTB Platform has the efficiency of electronic trading, keeping the dynamics of the OTC market.
  • BTB Terminal accelerates market access, reducing IT investments.
  • BTB API allows flexibility in the way of consuming quotes (Market Data) and routing offers.