Documentation for Registration of Issue and Public Distribution of CDCA – Certificates of Agribusiness Credit Rights

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Registration of CDCA Issue

1. The CDCA issuer must be a Cetip Participant. To open an account, contact B3's registration division at e-mail: or call +55 (11) 3111-1477
Copy of “Resolutions” that approve/alter the issue
Copy of the “Issue Deed.”
Registration Application as per - ICVM 476 [ZIP - 895KB][ZIP - 895KB]
Registration as per ICVM 476/09 para Cia de Capital Fechado [ZIP - 14KB]
Request for Registration Form [ZIP - 14KB]
Issue of payment slip for Pre-Registration of the asset

Observation: The documents above, except the copy of the “Resolutions,” must be signed according to the signature card held at B3