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UP2DATA service

The topics selected below may help you to clarify some doubts about UP2DATA. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can contact our sales team to learn more about service through the email produtosdedados@neoway.com.br or, for technical questions, contact the support team by email suporte@up2data.com.br.

Service and Files

  • What is UP2DATA?

    UP2DATA provides end-of-day data and B3 reference data in an organized, consolidated and standardized manner. The data is made available by Channels.

  • What are UP2DATA channels?

    In UP2DATA the files are separated in Channels that are separated considering the information type contained in each one of them. The channels available are:

    • Regulatory data
    • Market Information (Commodities, Interest Rate, Currency, Equities and U.S. Treasury)
    • Index
    • Volatility surface
    • Curves
    • Economic Indicators
    • Corporate Actions
    • Corporate Bonds
    • Energy
    • Legacy files

    For more information about the files contained in each channel above, access our Commerce Policy or download the sample files.

  • What are UP2DATA subchannels?

    Each channel contains specific subchannels that appears in folders containing files with a certain pattern of information such as the channels of Market Information (Commodities, Interest Rate, Currency, Equity and Fixed Income) that includes the following information in their subchannels:

    • Security List – data related to securities and other financial instruments authorized for trading and/or accepted as collateral on B3’s Trading and Post Trading Systems.
    • Open Positions – Data related to the total inventory of securities traded at B3 through which users can follow the daily evolution of orders by individual security.
    • Trade Information – Summarized information about the activities of each security authorized for trading on B3’s electronic trading system. The information available includes last trade price, minimum price, maximum price, traded volume, number of traded contracts, etc.

    Therefore, subchannels contains files with the same patterns, changing it’s content according to the channel acessed.

    To find more information about the subchannels, access our Commercial Policy.

  • In which formats can I download the UP2DATA files?

    You can download the UP2DATA files in one or more of the following formats: TXT, CSV, XML and/or JSON.

  • Can I get a historical database in UP2DATA?

    For historical products that are not available on the website above, B3 works with authorized distributors who have trading information to offer. You can consult them and ask for a quote on the data you need. Follow thi link to access these contacts: https://www.b3.com.br/en_us/market-data-and-indices/data-services/market-data/distributors/licensed-distributors/

  • How is the tool UP2DATA accessed, by keys or by logins?

    UP2DATA is a product that can be accessed by a software installed in the company server or by the configuration of a cloud environment to receive the files. Therefore, UP2DATA doesn’t have access logins, it contains installation keys for servers installation or SAS Keys for cloud environment, that allows the access to the service through your own directory (UP2DATA Client) or in the cloud (UP2DATA Cloud).

    After completing the hiring process, the install keys will be sent to the company for Client/Server version and for the Cloud version, an access kit for generating keys is sent. These access keys must be used in the software (UP2DATA Client) or in the Cloud reader (UP2DATA Cloud) to authenticate the tool and access the product.

    In case of doubt, contact suporte@up2data.com.br.

  • What are certificates? Do they have validity?

    The certificates prove that a given client has authorization to the service and channels of UP2DATA. They are unique and necessary for both Client and Cloud versions, the certificate is valid for 2 years.

    In case of doubt, contact suporte@up2data.com.br.

  • What are the keys? Do they have expiration?

    Product keys are a necessary validation to access the service. In the UP2DATA Client, the installation keys are valid for 2 years, while in the UP2DATA Cloud they are valid for 90 days. Cloud Keys can be renewed by the client via API.

    In case of doubt, contact suporte@up2data.com.br.